13th Biennial 2017

  • 13biennale

    13th International Lace Biennial

    Cantù, October 15 – 29 2017

    Possibly more now than in the past, women seek spaces of their own, private spaces where they can find concrete ways to express their sensitivity, refinement and even their sensuality. In these spaces lace is the true protagonist – as it has to be for what is beautiful and able to charm, amaze and seduce. Indeed, lace is a concrete element which makes every woman extraordinary and makes her feel an imagined, possibly dreamt-of silhouette.

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  • testata merlettiedesign

    designer2LACE and DESIGN

    Cortile delle Ortensie, via Matteotti 33, Cantù

    Tue - Sun 9.30 a.m./12.30 p.m. - 2.30 p.m./6.30 p.m

    The Lace Promotion Committee’s project “Lace and Design”, now in its 4th edition, aims at making people appreciate handmade lace again while keeping it far from mass production logic.

    World-famous designers, architects and fashion designers Alessandro Mendini, Anna Gili, Ugo La Pietra and Angela Missoni are taking part in the Biennial with new designs interpreting the world of women. Combining famous designers’ creativity with the skills of lace makers, unique pieces were created.

    The idea is that art lace, expression of the most advanced design, should be granted more attention. To create new opportunities for art lace market, nine reproductions (multiples) of each design will be allowed.

    Designs were transferred onto pricking cards by professional figures under the designers’ supervision. Skilful lace makers then turned them into lace, proving once more that this exquisite art can be a bridge where tradition and modernity, the moment of conception and that of actualisation of an idea meet.

    Lace works as well as interior design items by famous designers will be on display at the refined and elegant “Cortile delle Ortensie” (“Hortensia Yard”).

    particolari merletti

  • sognoeseduzione


    A trousseau of flowers for the brideridal gowns and accessories

    Villa Calvi, via Roma 8, Cantù

    Tue - Sun 9.30 a.m./12.30 p.m. - 2.30 p.m./6.30 p.m

    In this section of the exhibition at Villa Calvi visitors will find lace and lace-decorated wedding gowns, ceremony accessories, lingerie and all that has to do with the women’s universe, with beauty and seduction.
    The exhibition will be focused on wedding gowns and their very strong symbolic significance, which is expressed not only by the garment itself, but also by its related objects, details and accessories. Veils, flowers and jewels are symbols for one of the most significant rites of passage in a woman’s life. This is why even the flower motifs on the lace chosen to decorate the dress may not only be masterpieces of grace and mastery, but also have a symbolic significance we will discover together.
    Flowers, as everybody knows, represent youth and beauty, but also the transience of life and the need to enjoy the present.
    Part of the exhibition will be enriched by the creativity of final year students of Cantù’s Fausto Melotti Artistic High School (Fashion programme), who developed a didactic project by modernising wedding gowns and accessories. Both teachers and students worked together with lace makers to turn ideas into reality through the innovation and painstaking execution which have always been part of lacemaking in this area.

    accessori sposa

  • impariamo


    Section devoted to lace associations, schools and amateur courses

    Villa Calvi, via Roma 8, Cantù

    Tue - Sun 9.30 a.m./12.30 p.m. - 2.30 p.m./6.30 p.m

    One wish: learning the art of lace making. As a hobby or to experience the pleasure of creating something with one’s own hands, to find beauty or maybe for all these reasons together. Not only: it is a great chance to meet other women with whom to challenge one’s skills and exchange ideas about a common passion. It is surprising to see how many lace schools were opened over the past ages and origins and with many different stories behind them. A section devoted to lace makers will display works made by schools, associations and courses between 2015 and 2017.

  • 13biennale


    This section is devoted to individual lace makers and lace makers who took part in collective works with their associations or lace schools.

    Exhibition pavilion at Corte San Rocco, via Matteotti 39, Cantù

    Tue - Sun 9.30 a.m./12.30 p.m. - 2.30 p.m./6.30 p.m

    Lace makers are asked to express their idea of being a woman. Newly designed small-sized lace works interpreting the idea of “women’s microcosm” will be at the crux of this section.

    - Finished measurements: 5 to 10 cm. Lace is supposed to be small in size, but high-quality (as far as elaborateness of the stitches, fineness of the thread and originality of the project are concerned).
    - Shape: different shapes are allowed (e.g. rectangular, circular, squared etc.) as long as the size criterion is respected (the final piece must measure between 5 and 10 cm).
    - Thread: lace-makers are free to choose the thread they prefer, from traditional (cotton, linen, silk) to innovative ones, including metallic threads. As regards colour, white, ecru and coloured threads are permitted.
    - Works must be accompanied by the design, the pricking and a brief description of the creative idea which inspired the work.
    - As usual, works must not be framed.
    - Works to be exhibited (if ready) should be delivered by the end of June and in any case not later than 10th September 2017.


    Examples of design, pricking and lace on the theme of Microcosm created by the Lace Promotion Committee

  • 13biennale


    Provost Museum of Saint Vincent’s Community, via Annoni 3, Cantù

    Tue - Sun 9.30 a.m./12.30 p.m. - 2.30 p.m./6.30 p.m

    The Parish of Saint Paul, part of Saint Vincent’s Community, created a museum devoted to religious objects. There, among vestments, liturgical objects and pictures of saints, bobbin lace is on display. Lace-edged albs, surplices and rochets were once worn by priests and prelates to emphasise the sacredness of their actions. Most of the times, lace makers from Cantù gave their works as gifts to the Church on special occasions and feasts.

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