Overview of the 13th International Lace Biennial – Cantù autumn 2017

Firstly, we would like to express our deepest thanks to you for participating with such enthusiasm in our events. We have now the pleasure of presenting to you some of the contents that will be part of the 13th International Lace Biennial, which we invite you to take an active part in.

Lace: spaces, accessories, sensuality

In today’s world - a hectic, restless, unsettled world - technology plays a leading role. However, there are still women who make bobbin lace following the traditional technique they were taught, and yet they are able to find extremely modern applications for their works. Even today, and possibly more now than ever before, women seek spaces of their own, private spaces where they can express themselves and find sensitivity, refinement and sensuality.
Being able to adorn and clothe an imaginary, maybe dreamt-of silhouette, lace is indeed the fulcrum of this microcosm.
Lace cameos around the neck, wedding gowns enriched by Rosaline lace, lace-edged handkerchiefs received as a gift... There is no woman who cannot embody charm and simplicity at the same time by wearing a dress enriched by high-quality lace she made herself. Seeking beauty is the goal of every lacemaker. The kind of beauty we look for is not the one paraded in advertisements, but rather the result of a passionate and continuous search for more and more exquisiteness and refinement. Charming is a sublime art which ennobles the human heart - if not, it is nothing but a deceptive, sterile temptation.
As it always the case with what is beautiful, lace charms, enchants, amazes and seduces. Seducing is a womanly art and sometimes women need nothing more than a pillow to create beauty: a tablecloth with lace insets in the dining room, curtains enriched by small lace decorations on the windows, a lace edge to add value to a precious object. Indeed, even a home, our very home, our daily life, can be turned into a place where to find seduction.
Lace, a sinuous and meticulous intertwining of threads, is suitable for everyone, from unexperienced kids to women in search of a haven from the hectic life working moms lead. Indeed, it is a temporal space which allows to make peace with one’s own spirit and soul.
Personally, I am one of the few people who cannot experience the extraordinary pleasure lace-making offers. I do know it, however, because I can see the glow of happiness on other people’s faces every time they tell me why they make bobbin lace.
Best Wishes, Renata Casartelli.

We would now like to present a theme especially aimed at schools and associations: “Common Work 2017”

After the great success of 2015’s collective work dedicated to the theme of doilies, we decided to propose the creation of lace representing the microcosm of women. Projects should preferably be new creations.
Here follow the established criteria for the creation of the collective work.

- Finished measurements: 5 to 10 cm. Lace is supposed to be small in size, but high-quality (as far as elaborateness of the stitches, fineness of the thread and originality of the project are concerned).
- Shape: different shapes are allowed (e.g. rectangular, circular, squared etc.) as long as the size criterion is respected (the final piece must measure between 5 and 10 cm).
- Thread: lace-makers are free to choose the thread they prefer, from traditional (cotton, linen, silk) to innovative ones, including metallic threads. As regards colour, white, ecru and coloured threads are permitted.
- Works must be accompanied by the design, the pricking and a brief description of the creative idea which inspired the work.
- As usual, works must not be framed.
- Works to be exhibited (if ready) should be delivered by the end of June and in any case not later than 10th September 2017.

For further information do not hesitate to contact Renata Casartelli either by phone ( +39 348 2215068) or by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). If you contact us by e-mail, please write INFO X MICROCOSMO FEMMINILE in the subject line.

Renata Casartelli, p.p. Lace Promotion Committee



Dal 24 ottobre al 1° novembre si rinnova l’appuntamento con l’artigianato italiano di qualità

Erba, 16 ottobre 2015 – Si avvicina l’appuntamento con la 42^ Mostra dell’Artigianato, storico evento a Lariofiere che quest’anno rinnova la sua vocazione al “fare con cura”, scegliendo di valorizzare le eccellenze italiane di tutti i settori ascrivibili alla categoria. Dall’arredamento al tessile, dal benessere all’alimentare, la manifestazione promossa da Confartigianato Como e Lecco con il supporto della Camera di Commercio di Lecco si svolgerà dal 24 ottobre al 1° novembre 2015, in concomitanza con la settimana di chiusura dell’Esposizione Universale a Milano.


Presentazione Corsi brevi e ospitalità per i non residenti
12ª edizione della Biennale Internazionale del Merletto

Cantù, 19 Maggio 2015

In coincomitanza della mostra, il Comitato per la Promozione del Merletto, sta organizzando una serie di corsi brevi (che vanno ad affiancarsi ai corsi proposti durante tutto l’anno) rivolti a merlettaie già esperte, a persone che lavorano nell’ambito del merletto o a semplici appassionate


Cattedrale della Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano
Via Procaccini 4
8 luglio – 29 agosto 2015
dalle 10.00/20.00 tutti i giorni, martedì fino alle 22.00

in dialogo con
Dall’8 luglio al 29 agosto 2015 la Cattedrale della Fabbrica del Vapore di Milano ospita un evento artistico unico nel suo genere: ALMA MATER, la nuova imponente creazione multimediale di Yuval Avital, in dialogo con un'inedita versione de IL TERZO PARADISO di Michelangelo Pistoletto.


Introduction to the 12th International Lace Biennial

Milan, June 25th 2015
11:00 am
office of the Como Business Center - Cardo North at Pavilion Italia (first floor)

It’s a great pleasure for us to inform You of the press conference introducing the 12th International Lace Biennial, organized by the Committee for Cantù Lace Promotion on the occasion of Expo 2015 in the office of Como Business Center at the first floor of Pavilion Italia. We deem that your participation to this event will be indispensable.


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